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Orton Gillingham Tutoring

Orton-Gillingham Center of Pewee Valley provides support for students, families, teachers, educators and the community experiencing dyslexia, reading and writing struggles.

Ms. Jill MacNiven, M.Ed. is a reading and writing tutor, presenter, teacher and consultant in Kentucky.  Ms. MacNiven uses Orton-Gillingham program to tutor students in reading and writing.  Orton-Gillingham utilizes multi-sensory, explicit, sequential, cumulative and direct instruction during tutoring sessions.   Orton-Gillingham was founded in 1934 by Dr. Orton and Anna Gillingham.  There are variations of the program.  This one includes handwriting.  

Reading and Writing Tutoring $60 per hour

Orton-Gillingham Diagnostic Assessment $150


Tutoring Services:

Trained in 3 Orton Gillingham Methods I prefer the one

the includes phonemes and graphemes, (handwriting)

because they go hand in hand. 

I have HIGH success rates. 

Clients love it!  


Reading - OG Method

Phonology, Morphology and Orthography

Phonemes and Graphemes







Prefix, Suffixes, Root Words

Greek and Latin

Handwriting/Writing Skills

Teach - Writing School Papers/Editing

High School Student Essays

Self Esteem Building

Organizational Skills

Executive Function Skills

Scholarship Application Assistance for H.S. Juniors and Seniors

Training in OG


Master's in Special Education Bellarmine 2004

Master's of Art in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Kentucky 2002

Rank I Special Education, Bellarmine University 2004

Kentucky Teacher Certification/Dual Certification, Special Education and Business Education Present, 2027

Graduate of Practicum One Orton-Gillingham Course- Mayerson

Hindman Settlement School Two Summers Training and Teaching in their dyslexia program

Martha Chiodi Multisensory Method Level One Graduate

Jill MacNiven, M.Ed.

6460 Highway 146, Crestwood, KY 40014

(502) 612-5095

Our Clients

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