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Seminars and Workshops:

























CLOVER 6 Syllable Types (6 hours)  

6 hours of instruction on the 6 syllable types and how to use each one in class or tutoring sessions.   

6 syllable types are the foundation for teaching using Orton-Gillingham.   We may not cover everything in class but this is a good foundational starting point in learning O.G. 


Dyslexia 101 (1 hour)

This one hour session teaches the basics of dyslexia and dysgraphia.  


Orton-Gillingham Basic Training    (6 hours seminar) 

This workshop is very basic overview of the Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Program.  You will leave with a deck of phoneme cards and the basic skills on how to use them to teach students in a classroom or in tutoring with short vowels and consonants.    

This is an overview and the basic training on how to teach using Orton-Gillingham Phoneme Cards. 

Not a certificate course.  Just Basic Training Only!


One Training/Mentoring 

If you would like to be taught how to teach students to read using Orton-Gillingham I can help you.     

One on one level one training on how to teach reading and writing using the basic OG phoneme/grapheme cards.  

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